Impressions from Saturday's Pick Up Games

Editor's note:  This belongs on the front page for a while.  I know it's football season, but we are getting close to midnight madness.  Thanks to the author.


Ramon Harris- didn’t display the slashing drive to the rim that has been reported this summer

                but did hit a couple of deep threes. If he can do this consistently it would greatly benefit the



Pat-was classic Pat-got elbowed in the nose in the first game and continued to bleed all over his shirt the rest of the afternoon


Pilgrim- if he could play this season we would dominate anyone in the country in the front court. Pilgrim

                 is a beast. He displayed some low post moves and a couple nice jump shots and has a mean

                streak every team can use. Too bad he isn’t playing this season.


Harrelson-  displayed a nice jump shot and had several rebounds (although none of them were in traffic)

                He is a tad slow but I do think his shot will really help open the floor for Pat.


Meeks- was Jodie. His three ball wasn’t quite hitting when I saw him but he looks to be back in very

                good health.


Stevenson- didn’t see too much from him


Stewart-hardly noticed he was playing


Porter- Solid but unspectacular play. Took care of the ball and hit some jumpers. Exactly what we need

                from him. I really see Porter opening the season at point guard if he isn’t a defensive liability.


Miller/Liggins/Galloway- all three didn’t show too much. Liggins likes to pass and forced a couple that

                weren’t there. Galloway doesn’t strike me as a point guard and unless Miller really steps it up

                once organized play begins I don’t see him in the rotation much once conference play begins.


Donald Williams- was very active. Had a couple nice drives and really likes the fadeaway jumper.


Jon hood- seems to already be a member of the team. Played quite well and has a very sweet jump shot.

                He could contribute to the team this season and I think he is going be one of G’s best recruits

                over the next several years.  I am very excited to see him in blue and white. He lit AJ Stewart  up

in a pregame game of horse (not hard to do). While all them members of the team were in the locker room hood was out on the court by himself getting shots in and really seems to be a good kid who doesn’t let the attention he receives go to his head. I cant say enough how impressed I am with him.


Vee Samford?- is a guard at Lexcath. He’s really tiny but very active, got into the lane several times and

                played quite well. He would get abused in the SEC and according to a friend of mine who has    

                played against him is incredibly streaky. He can go for 40 one game and disappear for the next

                three.  I don’t think UK is recruiting him. I think he was just there playing. \


This is a list of all the players I recognized. There were quite a few that I didn’t. The 2010 guard that looks like Jai Lucas was there but I don’t know his name and didn’t see him play. These games truly were pickup and I don’t think any conclusions about the season can really be drawn from them.  It was really fun getting to see everyone play though. I tried to highlight parts of their games that came through that I think we will see this season on the court. I am pumped up and excited about the Blue/White game. It’s a much better event than midnight madness and I will be there.


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