T'was The Night Before Tip-Off

T'was the night before tip-off and all through the house,

Coach G had some game films and his team he did rouse.

"Come on boys, no time for sleep.  There are plays to be learned!

Let's get up and watch tape leaving no stone unturned!"

The team had been nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of National Championships danced in their heads.

Mike Porter in his 'kerchief and Jodie Meeks in his cap,

Rubbed sleep from their eyes as "G" began his recap.

"We're seven and three and we'll keep getting better,

But its gonna take more than a new Christmas sweater!"

The team saw their coach standing there in his tie,

A devilish grin on his face and a gleam in his eye.

He was dressed all in blue from his head to his toes

This guy sure means business, they all thought as they rose.

The team gathered round their coach by the fire

In all of their hearts burned the flame of desire.

"Appalachian State's first in our rivals' hometown

So they'll be the first to receive their beat-down!

Tennessee State is next, just before Christmas Eve

The only gift we'll give them is a reason to grieve!

Christmas Day we'll have practice and you can just call me Santa

Anyone absent or late will run from here to Montana!

The next team in line is Florida Atlantic

We'll be ready to sink them just like the Titanic!

We play Central Michigan just before the New Year

By then, winning's easy - Cant you hear the crowd cheer??

Then, boys, its time to make the Kentucky name known

By giving Pitino and Louisiville a little "gift" of our own!

See, while Louisville is ranked and too big for their britches

It's the perfect time and place to make them our bitches!"

Now seeing his team all fired up and hype

A tear from his eye, ol' Billy did wipe.

And they heard him exclaim as he walked out of sight,

"Merry Christmas, boys, the future sure does look bright!"

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