SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 9


Time again for the SEC Power Poll, a weekly ranking of SEC teams by our member blogs.  As usual, the final results are compiled and available for your perusal at Garnet and Black Attack.

Week 9 of the college football season is already over, and it is crunch time for many teams including the University of Kentucky.  Kentucky sits at 5-3 needing one more win for bowl eligibility, and three more or less winnable games remaining on the schedule including this weekend's tilt with Mississippi State down in Starksville.

This week's power poll sees little movement at the top, but the bottom 2/3 of the conference is going every which way.  Kentucky had been on a nice upward momentum with the unexpected win against Arkansas, but a near-historic beat-down by the Florida Gators derailed all that momentum and leaves the Wildcats searching for answers.  Likewise, Auburn and Vanderbilt failed to uphold the honor of our conference against West Virgina and Duke respectively.  The Vanderbilt loss was particularly galling to the league after the Commodores had earned such praise early on in the season.

So here we are, without further discussion.  Your observations are welcome and appreciated.

Editor's Note:  Somehow I managed to mess up Ken's votes, so if you read this before about 11:30 PM on Wednesday, it might not make sense.  Fixed now.  Sorry, Ken.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS Last Rank Tru Tru Comments Ken Ken Comments
Florida 4-1 6-1 5-1 49.65 2 2 2 Shredded Kentucky, rolled them into a fattie and smoked them like an illegal substance. 1 Gators overtake 'Bama on the strength of their offense.
Alabama 5-0 8-0 6-0 42.96 1 1 1 Crushed the Vols into a fine powder 2 If I could vote the Tide 1-b, I would.
Georgia 4-1 7-1 5-1 54.26 3 3 3 Woo, ya, dem Dawgs chawed up dem Bayou Kitties. Bones and all. 3 Richt's team is finally playing as predicted before the season.
LSU 3-2 5-2 3-2 47.76 4 4 4 Kentucky was a fiasco, but this has to be nearly as embarassing – back to back 50+ surrenders. 4 Where's Bo Pelini when you need him?
South Carolina 2-3 5-3 3-3 43.71 6 5 6 Bye week 5 Bye week
Vanderbilt 3-2 5-3 3-3 47.94 5 6 5 Perhaps Armageddon will not be coming this year, after all. 7 Lost to Vandy? We're witnessing the "wheels coming off."
Mississippi 2-3 4-4 2-4 45.89 9 9 7 A win is a win. I wonder if Nutt made any incriminating cell phone calls? 6 Narrow win over the Hogs keep the Reb's bowl bid alive.
Kentucky 1-3 5-3 2-3 46.64 7 8 8 63-5. Is that a score, or how many Wildcats it takes to beat 5 Gators in football? 8 Ugly, Ugly, Ugly loss.
Mississippi State 1-3 3-5 1-4 44.71 12 11 9 This game was way to close for comfort in Starkville. 11 Is Croom in trouble if he loses Saturday? I think so.
Auburn 2-3 4-4 2-4 43.91 8 8 11 The Big East owns this team 10 Still lost in a fog.
Tennessee 1-4 3-5 1-5 48.52 10 11 12 173 total yards. UK got more than that at Alabama. 9 Calling Gary Pinkel, calling David Cutcliffe, calling Greg Schiano ...
Arkansas 1-4 3-5 1-5 54.92 10 11 10 Revenge of the Nutt-job. 12


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