Monday, May 14th: Jai Lucas Day at UK, Florida and Oklahoma State

So today is the big day for Jai Lucas, McDonald's All-American out of Bellaire High School in Texas and son of NBA legend John Lucas, to pick his school.  Supposedly, today at 2:30 PM Central time at his high school there will be a news conference where he decides.

It is somewhat strange to think that the bizarre slow-dance we have been doing with Lucas and Patterson is coming to an end this week.  At this particular moment, I have no idea what my reaction will be to their decisions, although I have had months and months to consider it.

Continuing with recruiting but moving on to other topics, Eric Crawford of the Courier-Journal decides to weigh in today on the demi-news that Some UK fans may have posted comments on Beas Hamga's MySpace and Facebook pages urging him to matriculate to UK.  Crawford's conclusions are predictable, pretty much the same as many of the mainstream people who have commented on the topic -- the fans should stop doing it.

I wonder if he believes his article will have even the most minuscule impact on those who are doing it?  If so, I suggest Crawford is truly naive.  If not, it begs the question -- why?  Well, you all know what I think.

John Clay has a new blog entry today chock full of good stuff, including what some of Patterson's Huntington High teammates think about his decision.  Want to know what they say?  Read all about it on John's blog.

How many degrees of separation between Gillispie and Pitino?  Turns out, not as many as you think:

While Cronin is dancing to that crazy beat at Cincinnati, Sean Miller is doing the same at Xavier, as is Billy Gillispie at Kentucky (Cronin's old roommate at one of the all-star camps, when both were high school coaches), Rick Pitino at Louisville (Cronin's former boss), Thad Matta at Ohio State, Bob Huggins at West Virginia (Cronin's other former boss), and Kelvin Sampson at Indiana. With those luminaries hereabouts, no cranny of the country will be combed for players like the one extending in all directions from Fifth Third Arena.

The coaching world is small indeed.

SportsRazz Blog does a little research, compiles the numbers, and comes up with some conclusions about where Lucas and Patterson are eventually going to go.  Some fans will be surprised, others not.

Finally, I don't know how I missed this, but somehow I did.  This is from a month-old AP story about Billy Gillispie coming to Kentucky:

Under no circumstances, the players decided, would they talk about which candidate they wanted, for fear that information would slip out after someone else got the job.

But Friday, following Billy Gillispie's introduction as the new coach, guard Ramel Bradley praised the choice and admitted there was at least one hotly recruited candidate he opposed -- Billy Donovan, who opted to stay at Florida instead.

"To be honest, I've been here for three years," Bradley said. "Florida's a big rival, been beating up on us for three years. I really didn't like that thought of having the Florida coach come in and coach us, so I'm kind of happy with that outcome."

There's one in your eye, Billy D.

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